Golden Eagle

While I was in the Colorado National Monument the other day I had the opportunity to see a Golden Eagle. They are a beautiful bird and as you can see from this photograph they are quite large. If you click on the image you will see it full screen.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

I was very lucky to catch this guy with a nice sky behind him. If the background had been rocks or trees he would have blended into the background.

There was also a raven following and harrassing him. The eagle probably raided the raven’s next and ate the young. Not a good way to win friends. When I was young I had a pet Great Horned Owl. My owl was often chased by Blue Jays for the same reason. The owl raided the Blue Jay nests.

I also had a pet Blue Jay. My owl ate my Blue Jay. That is a story for another time.

If you go to the main part of my website under the page titled “Wildlife” you will also see Bald Eagles.

Winter in the Monument

Today we are back in the Colorado National Monument. I know you were hoping to hear more about Dungeness Crabs and how much I like them but not this time. Some people are getting tired of all the crab talk.

Over night there was a light dusting of snow in the Monument with more snow at the higher elevations. The road across the Monument is closed at the usual place which is the overview area for Independence Monument. This photograph shows some fog trying to move into the canyons of the Monument. As you can see the trees have a light covering of snow. It was a beautiful morning in the Monument. Be sure to click on the thumbnail image to enlarge. Monument FogAlmost forgot to mention that once again I saw Bighorn Sheep in the Monument. Lately I see them every time I go up to the Monument.

Living in Colorado and in particular the Grand Valley is wonderful.There is amazing scenery in all directions.


Moon over the Monument

A few days ago there was a full moon. When I got up that morning the full moon was just above the rock face of the Colorado National Monument. I took this photograph from our house. Remember to click on the image to enlarge.MoonNow I realize that if I had been smart I would have been somewhere up in the Monument to get a shot of the moon with a more impressive foreground. Hello !!! That would require that I get out of bed earlier. Plus I believe that it was around 23 degrees outside that morning. My bed was way too comfortable.

I think we are going to get some rain in the next few days. If that happens maybe I can get some interesting photographs of flash flooding in the Colorado National Monument. I will of course stay out of the way of the rushing water.

If you live in the area or are traveling through the Grand Junction area you really need to go up to the Monument. Your chances of seeing Bighorn Sheep are better than I have ever experienced in past few years. Go check it out.

Bighorn in Colorado National Monument

Had enough Dungeness Crab stories? OK. Then let’s go back to the Colorado National Monument. By the way, there are no Dungeness Crabs in the Monument. However, Albertson’s usually has some for sale if you happen to live in Grand Junction.

Here is a shot taken early in the morning in the Monument. Monument MorningI think this year I have seen more Bighorn Sheep in the Colorado National Monument than any other year. I darn near got run over by one earlier in the year while hiking.  Could be because we had a wet year. This morning I saw sheep in three different locations between the Balanced Rock area and shortly after the visitor’s center. They were all over the place and even blocking the road at one point. They were even having sex in the middle of the road. Get a room!!!!

If you are driving up to the Monument please drive slowly. The Bighorn Sheep think they own the road. I took this photo while still inside the vehicle.Bighorn Buck


Dungeness Crab

A great area to visit while in San Francisco is Fisherman’s Wharf. This photograph is in the area where they cook and serve a lot of dungeness crabs. It is fun to walk around near the pots of boiling water and watch them prepared the crabs. I love eating these crabs.

Cooking Dungeness Crab

Cooking Dungeness Crab

This next photograph shows a crab trying to get away. You have to be very careful when you pick them up. Their front claws are very powerful. Crab escape

There are lots of things to see and do around Fisherman’s Wharf. The best way to get here is to take Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to San Francisco and then take the Cable Cars to the warf area.

Here is a link to more information on Fisherman’s Wharf.

A number of years ago I came here with some photography friends early in the morning when the fishing boats were coming back into the harbor. Were were able to get some very interesting photographs.

Ocean Rainbow

I realize that when most people go to the beach they want nice sunny weather. For me, nice sunny weather is very boring from a photographic perspective. I don’t go to the beach to lay on the sand and get a great suntan and probably skin cancer. I go there to try and get a great photograph. This photo was taken along the coast of the Pacific Ocean north of Half Moon Bay in California.Ocean RainbowAs you can see this was a stormy day with periods of rain. As a result I was able to get a nice rainbow shot over the stormy ocean.

I did get wet a couple of times but managed to keep my camera dry, or dry enough I did not damage it.

The height of the waves is always more impressive when there is a storm coming ashore.

We will eventually get back to photographs of the desert southwest or the Rocky Mountains but right now I am enjoying the Pacific Ocean.

Fishing Boats

This photograph is one I took in the Half Moon Bay Area of California. A lot of the boats in this harbor are for fishing and this time of year for Dungeness crab. When the lighting is right photographs of boats can be very entertaining. imageI also took some photographs of Dungeness Crab but those images are on a different camera that I don’t have the capability to down load to my website at the moment. Stay tuned for carb photos in a few days.

Because it is Dungeness crab season we have been eating lots of crab dishes of various kinds.

Guess I better get back to having fun in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lots of things to photograph.





San Francisco

I think it is time we went north from Half Moon Bay all the way up to San Francisco.imageOne of the fun things to do in San Francisco is to ride the cable cars. They are pulled through the streets by underground cables. If you visit San Francisco you definitely need to ride one of these cars.

Good idea to also ride them out to the end of the line in the Fishermans Warf area. Right now it is Dungeness crab season so might as well eat a bunch of crab meat. One of our favorite restaurants at Fishermans Warf is Scoma’s. The seafood is fabulous.

We really love San Francisco. The problem is lots of other people also love it. Early in the day is the least crowded time. There are lots of amazing things to see and do in the city. Taking the cable cars to Fishermans Warf and walking around that area is just a very small part of what is available in this amazing city.



This crazy bird was trying to eat my crab meat lunch. I told him that unless he had the money to pay for crab at $6 a pound he should get lost.imageI took this photo in the harbor area just north of Half Moon Bay. The scene behind this Pelican is Pillar Point Harbor. The harbor is full of fishing boats and this time of year (November) you can buy live Dungeness crab right off the boat. One of the restaurants in the area will cook the crab for you.

We had lunch at Ketch Joanne’s Restaurant. We have eaten at this restaurant several times and the food is always very good. Here is a link to the website:

We stayed at “The Inn at Mavericks” which overlooks the bay and the ocean in the distance. We will definitely be staying there again.




Pacific Ocean

As promised, here is the Pacific Ocean.

imageThe day we were along the California coast line near Half Moon Bay was some what stormy. Bad weather conditions can be some of the best times for photographers. On days when you have clear blue skies it will result in incredibly boring photographs. As you can see in this image the stormy weather made for a dramatic photo.

This time of year (November) is crab season. Dungeness crabs are the best tasting crabs in the world. I love them. I think we will talk about these delicious crabs in my next blog posting.

Everyone should at some point in their lifetime take a drive along highway 1 in California. The scenery is wonderful. However, if the weather is bad stay off of the beach. The ocean can be very dangerous.